In order to reach goals we have set for funding the operation expenses of Casa Albergue, we will need the participation of businesses, civil organizations and the community overall in our fund-raising activities.

This document includes a description of the support and social investment programs that constitute the foundation for the operations budget required by the Casa Albergue Temporal para Niños, I.B.P., which allows us to perform the our daily work.

It is a privilege to be part of the lives of these children, and we can say that the hope of providing new opportunities gives us the conviction to continue strengthening this very necessary cause for the community development of Ensenada.


To consolidate our services and to offer better conditions for the children while they stay with us, enhancing our internal, educational and development programs.


To care for the wellbeing of the children we receive due to mistreatment, neglect and lack of care, providing them with better living conditions during their stay at our institution.


Casa Albergue Temporal para Niños I. B. P., is a private charitable institution founded in 1990. It started as an interim Board of Directors in charge of leading the association “Familias para Niños”, when Dr. Carmen Alicia Salazar de Del Palacio, then President of the Municipal DIF, became aware of the need to convert it into a temporary place for children to stay for preventing the neglect of children.

Therefore, on April 1, 1993, it formally became the private charitable organization “Casa Albergue Temporal para Niños I.B.P.”

For 26 years, the Casa Albergue Board of Directors has worked hard to reach the goal of caring for vulnerable children, such as those who have been mistreated, lacked care, been neglected, have been abused and any other situations that risk their wellbeing.